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Atlas Digital Solutions (Atlas), founded in 2005, specializes in the absolute protection of data and high availability of mission critical applications. The Atlas portfolio includes the analysis and implementation of colocation, cloud computing, storage and other managed IT solutions. Our goal is to simplify the IT outsourcing process for our customers by taking them through the Atlas proven process. We listen to goals and objectives, analyze requirements, access our global partner network, develop solutions and negotiate agreement terms in order to retain capital, better allocate resources and ultimately achieve the best total cost of ownership.

Atlas provides a range of customized, fully-managed solutions:

Atlas Cloud

Atlas Coloassist

Atlas Data Protection

Atlas Recovery

Atlas Optimized

Atlas Connect

Atlas Digital Solutions represents a shift in the way companies plan, access and protect one of their most precious assets, their data and applications. After a decade of significant achievements, the Atlas team continues to grow and evolve into the next generation of data computing to give our clients the speed, scale and efficiency to not only stay relevant but thrive over the next decade.

Our Management Team

David Johnson

David Johnson


Michael Boslet

Michael Boslet


John Buzzone

John Buzzone

VP Sales

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