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Atlas ColoAssist

A Comprehensive Understanding

ColoAssist provides a detailed analysis of the data center marketplace, which includes identifying, analyzing and sourcing infrastructure options, in order to select a partner that will ensure the high availability and absolute protection of data assets from all natural and man-made vulnerabilities.

Cost Savings and Capabilities

Atlas helps our clients realize cost savings and efficiencies while modernizing and expanding their IT capabilities without spending capital resources on infrastructure. Cloud-based infrastructure is rapidly scalable, secure, and accessible over the Internet — you only pay for what you use.

It can be the difference in beating competition to market

Whether securing physical colocation space or Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), ColoAssist offers a choice of cloud infrastructure services for IT operations.

Unmatched performance

Guaranteed Uptime.

Flexibility and breadth

A range of options support a dynamic hybrid cloud strategy.

Complete control

Maximum protection, redundancies and uptime.

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